Pharmacovigilance / Drug Safety Is About People, Not Drugs

Drug Safety Is My Passion

I began my medical practice as an OB/GYN in surgery and I worked with Doctors Without Borders on reproductive health matters as well. But since moving to the United States and completing my MPH, my passion and focus has been on Clinical Research and Pharmacovigilance. People in Pharmacovigilance are responsible for monitoring the safety of the drugs that pharmaceutical companies produce, and our physicians prescribe. This involves extensive research: testing, detecting, assessing, labeling, and preventing the causes of adverse reactions, among many other closely regulated and monitored activities, all to ensure drug safety and efficacy.

Sooner or later, each of us, and our loved ones will need and have a drug prescribed for us. And as a society we all share an interest in ensuring that only the safest and most effective drugs are made available to the market, and as quickly and as safely as possible. My work in Pharmacovigilance is my way of helping to ensure that everyone, including my own family and myself, has access to the safe and beneficial medicines that we need to live longer, healthier, happier and more active lives.

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Hello, my name is Marina Noble, MD, MPH. I am a specialist in pharmacovigilance and drug safety. I plan to start blogging soon and I will adding some posts here on topics related to drug safety, the FDA and drug interactions. I was recently accepted as a columnist on USA Herald and will post an article on drug interactions soon, followed by a guide for public on online pharmacies.